Board Of Directors

Rehmat Nabi


Chief Executive Officer
Post Graduate Diploma holder from Klasshiem Austria with over 30 years of experience in Tourism and Hotel Management.

Ghulam Nabi


Managing Director
Masters in Environment & Development from Kings College London with over 25 years of experience in the sector of tourism & travel; He is also a volunteer environmentalist & social mobilizer, a key player in conservation and development.

Tufail Nabi

Tufail Nabi

Business Development Manager
Graduated from university of London in International Relations. He is highly experienced in event managements and tours management. Worked as operational manager at Raikot Sarai Hotels.

Ahmed Nabi

Gilgit Office Manager
Graduate in environmental sciences from Karakarum International University expert in public dealing and office managements.

About Us

Warmest greetings and compliments from Fairy Meadow Tours.

Directors of FMT are one of  founder Members of Northern areas tourism development Board.

At Fairy Meadow Tours, we believe that no matter how beautiful and interesting  surroundings are one can enjoy the holiday experience if it is  comfortable, and knowing that arrangements have been made with comfort and safety in mind. It is this worry-free holiday that Fairy Meadow Tours delivers to all its valued clients. We endeavor that our guest enjoy enough to  revisit us,

Fairy Meadow Tours is a different kind of Tour Operating Organization having dedicated professionals and explorers for the purpose of providing quality oriented wilderness trips where foot trek is the only means of access. Our emphasis has always been on genuine exploration of new and untouched areas for our adventures, for our nature loving clients from all over the world.

Fairy Meadow Tours has always been at the fore front of Adventure Trekking, Tours, Mountaineering, Scientific expeditions and many other sports in Pakistan for the last few years. This continuous search for adventure has gone hand in hand with perfection and precision in our professionalism and quality oriented service. Our team members are natives of Northern Areas of Pakistan; Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit, Astore , Chilas, Ishkoman, Yasin and Chitral and are lovers of mountains with a vast experience in their profession.

All staff at Fairy Meadow Tours welcome you to explore and enjoy the spectacular and fascinating landscape of our beautiful country. We would like you to experience our homeland and the culture that stands out for its hospitality. The team of Fairy Meadow Tours is very well trained and experienced, which they gained over the years by serving the needs of international expeditions, trekkers and cultural enthusiast. They are well aware of the needs of our valued clients. We enjoy a long list of satisfied clients and wish to make new friends and collaborators in future.

Please browse through our web site, it carries a wealth of information and if our offered tours does not meet your desired needs regarding the tour , please feel free to contact with us we will surely  customize  a tour itinerary for you.

The Fairy Meadow Tours’ Team awaits to host you for a wonderful experience in Pakistan!


We cannot overstate our concern for your safety. Before you depart, we help you prepare. We send clear, concise and relevant information about Traveler’s Health and the locale, climate, food, and more. Our field staff is well trained to protect you  while travelling at high altitude. We are in constant communication with our field offices and monitor all aspects of government policies and weather changes  that may affect your trip. In case of emergency, we are on-call 24/7 . You can rest assured that Fairy Meadow Tours has one of the best safety nets throughout the country  . In case of any emergency, helicopter rescue is available during treks and expeditions. Your health is of utmost importance to us. For this reason we particularly take care of hygiene and cuisine. Most suitable equipment and gear will be provided for a safe journey.


The food that is served to our clients during mountaineering expeditions, treks, and safaris is local as well as imported. The food which is local that is of high quality and in accordance with international standards. we also provide fresh meat and vegetables.


Our trekking, mountaineering expeditions, safaris, and tour groups get the freshest food prepared by our private cooks. This includes Pakistani, Chinese and Italian cusines. We always make sure that our clients get the  most fresh available food . we are also serve coffee, green tea and Pakistani chae (Milk Tea) which our clients love. When we are in cities, there is a great variety and they can have of their own choice .


Fairy Meadow Tours is full of potential and always gives special care towards a variety of itineraries. We have a wealth of itineraries that best suits you whether you want a simple trekking tour , a combination of cultural tour and trekking or if you  have a taste of soft adventures. We have the best mountaineering expeditions for  mountaineering and climbing of all levels from 4000m to 8611m. Special attention is given towards making all possible arrangements for different age groups, physical form, and interest.

Our Guides

Fairy Meadow Tours gives special attention to have experienced and knowledgeable mountain guides. It means our guides have a vast experience in their chosen field and have a great knowledge in the areas where they will guide you; most of them are locals who are familiar with local dialects that help them to understand the cultures & explain it to you to make your trek more interesting and memorable one. Our  guides are keen to seeing smiling faces at the end of the trip.

Cooks and Helpers

One of most important part of our success in the adventure tourism is our field staff and in which some serve as cooks. They are  well trained and experienced in their field and will provide you a variety of food with a flavor of home made cooked food. They pay close attention on cleanliness and hygiene so that our clients can take the best memories of their trips and will remember Fairy Meadow Tours and its staff.


We love to create new programs and we are always looking for a new product, that enables us to explore  new areas and make it possible for our clients to reach these places. Fairy Meadow Tours has discovered many new treks. From desert camel safaris to mountaineering expeditions and high places, from management to guides everyone at Fairy Meadow Tours loves travelling and shows  our enthusiasm.


We do not compromise on quality of services! We have a standard of providing best quality services and we look forward to get feedback from our clients about our services at the end of each trip. We always welcome suggestions. Our camp-staff is monitored by area managers to ensure that they have provided services of high quality and make your trip smooth and memorable.


In order to provide the best quality services, we have kept the best available equipment in the market.


In the remote towns and villages, we have built best business relationships with owners and management of hotels and inns. We provide the best accommodation even where there is unavailability of high standards hotels. But in cities like Islamabad/Rawalpindi, we provide hotels ranging from 4star to 5star hotels. During camps, you will have the best quality tents to have a good night stay.

Environmental Concerns

Campers are lucky to visit the most beautiful, and fragile spots on the earth and are expected to show respect for these unspoiled places to keep them natural and beautiful.. Your sensitivity for the immediate surrounding should influence every one around, and your little initiative will create awareness in your porters, and local people. please make sure to take care of the following :

  • Do not leave anything except your foot prints on the trail, and do not take any thing except photos and memories.
  • Encourage biodegradable or burnable packing.
  • Do not leave waste burning to the last moment, process all your litter, dig latrine pits, burn paper, collect plastic, tins, and bag them for carrying out.
  • Dig toilet holes where necessary at least 50 meters away from the camp, and cover them with the pile of earth at departure.
  • Carry plastic bags to collect any toilet papers, and chocolate/candy wrapping used during the day, and burn them at the camp.
  • Go well away from the trail and the camp for peeing in order to avoid unpleasant stench.