Trans Pakistan Jeep Adventure

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A Jeep-Safari across the southern areas of Pakistan excites the imagination. It is a journey through the corridors of history in a land of strong contrasts and fascinating people.

The most outstanding feature of our novel trips is that the latter not only visit cities and towns but also penetrate into isolated regions, over jeep-trails where only 4-wheel-drive vehicles can ply. These remote areas have not yet suffered too much from the clashes with modern culture. Isolation has preserved a way of life that has disappeared elsewhere. Here, one can still find traditional folk-life and cultures preserved in the festivals, customs and traditions of the friendly and hospitable peoples inhabiting these areas.

The best time for these Jeep-Safaris are the winter and spring months from November to April. Our trips cover areas from around the foot of the Himalayas, and from the Salt Range, through to the culturally and historically rich areas of the provinces of Punjab, Sarhad, Sind and Baluchistan.

We offer Desert Jeep-Safaris (in the sands of Cholistan, Thal, Thar and Baluchistan) which traverse and explore mysterious ruins and forts along the dry bed of the ancient river Hakra and which study the lives of numerous desert tribes that have wandered through here since time immemorial. Photo Safaris, Cultural Jeep-Trips and Special Interest Tours are some of the other exciting programmes being offered for these areas.

Nearly, the duration of these Adventure and/or Cultural Tours is from 10 to 24 days.


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