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Buddha attained “nirvana” by meditating and practicing the selflessness. After his death however the Buddhism could not flourish but in 275BC a King of Taxila known as Ashoka the Great was inspired by the teachings of Buddha and started promoting Buddhism. Ashoka’s inscriptions are spread all over Pakistan in Different areas. While the Buddhist monks created the rules of the new religion the master-craftsmen immortalized their homage to Buddha the man of peace in exquisitely-carved statues and figures, which were decorates on “stupas” and monasteries. These relics remain preserved in their original form to this day. And they are fascinating, both to scholars of Buddhism and casual students of history.


Day 1 Islamabad – Meet on arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Rawalpindi & Islamabad – Full day tour in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Day 3 Islamabad &Taxila – Visit Taxila Museum, Mohra Muradu and Mankiala Stupa.

Day 4 Taxila – Visit excavated sites of the Buddhist Universities at Sirkap and Jaulian and the stupa of Dharmarajika. Evening time drive to Islamabad and stay in hotel.

Day 5 Transfer to airport for flight to next destination.


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