Silk Route Festival

  • Silk Route Festival

Festival on the Roof of the world where natural environs, landscape, privileged location in the highest mountains of the world, breathtaking spectacles of sheer scenic beauty, wildlife and nature, awe-inspiring snow peaks, glittering glaciers, serene valleys of lush green foliage and fruits, gleaming and scintillating streams of unpolluted water, rich diversity of people, culture, folklore, arts, crafts and heritage are unexplored discovery that awaits you.

Artisans-at-work (Gilgit, Karimabad & Skardu) – Master artisans from remote parts of Northern areas will be at work in beautifully designed and documented pavilions.

Folkloric Song & Dance Ensembles (Gilgit, Aliabad, Gulmit, Karimabad & Skardu) – folk dancers and musicians from all parts of Northern Areas including Dance, Song Ensembles from the neighbouring Xinjiang Province of China and Central Asia will be invited to entertain visitors to the festival.

Folk Music Groups – Small open air stages will be set up at the festival grounds in the different cities to present folk musicians from all over the Northern areas.

Exotic Craft Bazaar – Exotic local bazaars will be held including Sunday & Friday markets for the local communities where people can sell, exchange or exhibit local produce, offering endless variety of cottage crafts, Knickknacks, flea-market, etc. Food & Fruit Fair – Food festivals will be held in co-operation with hotels and communities in several places, Farmer will exhibit and sell fruit. Polo Matches and Indigenous Sports Events – Several Polo matches will serve as a major attraction for domestic tourists and foreign visitors at Gilgit and Skardu.

Camping Villages & Open Air local Restaurants – Will be set up at the scenic sports for nature lovers. Ethnic Fashion Show – Depicting regional costumes and cultural traditions will be held. Community Festivals at District Level – AKCSP, AKRSP, and Craft Development Projects, Literary and Cultural Forums, IUNC, WWF, and other NGOs will hold community Festivals and district levels. Crossroads of Asia! – One of the few regions in the world that holds a fascinating combination of Adventure, History, Natural Beauty, Culture and Trade at the cross roads of Asia. The region and its indigenous heritage of arts, crafts, history, landscape, people, produce and cultures is a unique experience. You are invited to the Silk Route Festival in Pakistan Northern Areas.


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