15 Days Woolio – Yak Racing Festival

15 days
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Woolio yak racing Festival is celebrated in the mountain ground of Shimshall Woolio which is 4500 meters above from the sea level .It is one of the worlds most adventurous sport where local people of these areas participate in this special event  to encourage the tourism and to entertain them .Woolio racing Festival normally starts in the last weeks of july every year .Many other Countries celebrate this spectator sport like TibetKazakhstanKyrgyzstanGilgit-BaltistanLadakh and Mongolia,

Day 1 Arrival at Islamabad
Day 2 Flight to Gilgit or Drive to Chilas
Day 3 Gilgit to Karimabad or Chilas to Karimabad
Day 4 Sightseeing at Karimabad
Day 5 Karimabad to Gulmit by Van
Day 6 Gulmit to Shimshall by Jeep
Day 7 Trekking at Shimshall
Day 8 Trekking to Woolio
Day 9 Woolio Festival
Day 10 Back to Shimshall
Day 11 Shimshall to Gulmit
Day 12 Gulmit to Chilas
Day 13 Chilas to Islamabad
Day 14 Sightseeing at Islamabad
Day 15 Flight to Onward Destination. End of Service


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