Nine Days Naran, Astore And Skardu Valley Tour

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Naran is famous as tourist spots because of its beautiful and pleasant weather in summers. Naran  is situated in upper Kaghan  valley district Mansehra. It gets very crowded in summers as its is the gate way for Babusar top and Gilgit Baltistan. Tourist normally stay one or two  nights in Naran to explore the lakes Lulusar, Saif Ul Malook lake, Ansu lake, Dharamsar lakes  and to explore the beautiful  scenic surroundings like Jalkhad, Batakundi, Lalazar, Gatidas. Naran is also famous for the food streets  and markets where shopkeepers sell cultural hand made crafts to the tourist.

Skardu is a lush green and scenic valley with blue waters located in Gilgit Baltistan. It is located at an elevation of over 2225meters. Skardu is famous for mountaineering and trekking as it hold the worlds second highest mountain called k2 which is 8611 meters above from the sea level. Moreover, the lush green valley is rich with cultural festivals and people of this valley are so king hearted that catches millions of tourist every year. If we look into deserts we will find the worlds biggest cold desert in Skardu where every year a mega jeep safari event is organized by the Pakistan government and by the locals .

Hunza Nagar valley no longer  needs any introduction in tourism sector as these two places have become the most popular tourist destination from last two decades. Hunza Nagar is located in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza was ruled as princely state before the independence of Pakistan and it is now a modern city with  its cultural values  and norms. Hunza has two historical forts Altit fort and Baltit forts where the heritage is preserved. Witness the mighty Rakaposhi mountain which is 7788 meters above from the sea level. One of the best trekking sides for the mountain trekkers who are looking for adventurous trekking’s. These two valleys are surrounded by Karakorum mountain range.

Astore is known as the land of lakes and meadows. Astore is located in Gilgit Baltistan and it has roads connecting to Skardu and Chilas. Where  you can see the eastern face of Nanga Parbat which is also known as the killer mountain 8126 meters. Astore valley owns the most number of lakes. Astore was part of district Diemer in old times but right now it is under the same division. Astore is also famous for hiking and some festivals like Rama polo festival which is celebrated every year in Rama polo Ground. Tourist can witness the wild life like brown bear at Deosai meadows and snow leopards around the valleys. Tourists can enjoy the river fish which is called trout fish. Astore is a huge valley with diverse scenic views.



First Day : Naran

  • Pickup group and departure from Islamabad
  • Drive through Hazara Motorway
  • Lunch break at Balakot
  • Sight seeing at Naran Valley
  • Explore Saif ul Malook via jeeps
  • To cherish  the beautiful lake
  • Travel back to Naran
  • Kunhar River rafting
  • Nest in Naran

Second Day: Astore

  • Early morning departure for Astore
  • Break at  Lulusar Lake
  • Passing  Babusar top
  • Drive through Karakoram Highway
  • Witness Astore river while drive on Astore road
  • Final arrival in Astore
  • Hotel check in
  • Night over in Astore

Third Day: Rama Astore

  • Jeep adventure on Rama non metaled road
  • Hike towards Rama lake (horses optional)
  • Sight seeing of polo ground
  • Departure back to Astore
  • Hotel check in
  • Night over at Rama (camping optional )

Fourth Day : Deosai

  • Departure for  Deosai National Park
  • Short Stop at Sheosar Lake
  • Cross over  Bara Pani
  • Short Stop at Sadpara Lake
  • Break at Manthal Buddha
  • Drive towards Skardu
  • Night stay over in Skardu

Fifth Day : Shigar

  • Drive to Shigar palace
  • Explore Shigar  Cold Desert
  • Probe to Shigar palace
  • sight seeing of Shigar valley
  • Hotel check in
  • Nest at Shigar

Sixth Day : Khaplu

  • Travel to Khaplu
  • Explore Sailing Village
  • Explore  Chaqchan Mosque
  • Explore Khaplu Palace
  • Ride back to Skardu
  • Nest in Skardu

Seventh Day : Manthoka Waterfall

  • Ride  to Manthoka Waterfall Kharmang
  • Stop over at Manthoka Waterfall
  • Cherish the breathing Manthoka Waterfall
  • Exploring the suburbs
  • Ride back to Skardu
  • Nest in Skardu

Eighth Day : Skardu

  • Travel to Skardu Shangarila Reort
  • Visit to irresistible Lower Kachura Lake
  • Visit to irresistible  Upper Kachura Lake
  • Visit to the enchanting Sog Valley
  • Nest in Skardu

Ninth Day :Skardu -Islamabad 

  • Setting out to Islamabad
  • Pass across  Astak Nala
  • Ride up  Indus River
  •  Stop at Babusar Top
  •  Final Arrival in Islamabad
  • Dream a travel dream  and travel with us.

|Terms & Conditions|
Our team will give services according to government SOP’s.
Our Terms & Conditions are strictly followed and applied. We encourage you to read and agree with them carefully before booking a trip with us.
Registered members will be provided with an undertaking form at the start of the trip having the details of the trip along with the mentioned terms & conditions. All members will be required to physically sign that form along with thumb impression. (Mandatory)
1. The members shall not be indulged in any act reflecting moral or character failing during the activities.
2. Using drugs or found party to drug sale or possession is strictly prohibited. If anyone finds or caught using any kind of drug will be expelled from the trip right away on the spot and the person will not be eligible for any kind of refund.
3.Use of violent behavior including altercation, insinuations of indecent kind, verbal and physical abuse and assault, aggravated behavior, or any other act amounting to unbecoming of member are strictly prohibited.
4. All members would give extra care for the local environmental care .Garbage (tins. Water bottles, wrappers etc.) shall be suitably disposed without polluting water sources.
5. The host reserves the right to cancel trip without prior notice for any reasons deemed appropriate by them. In such a case the registered participants will receive full refund.
6. During the trip, the itineraries may be affected by reasons beyond control of the hosts. In such situation, organizers will not be held responsible in any case.
7. On steep ascends in mountainous areas, air conditioned of the buses will be operational on on-off basis to keep the vehicles from overheating.
8.Every humanly possible care will be taken for the safety of members, still each venture can be fraught with endangers of unforeseen natural disasters like avalanches and crevasse falls or any other accidents and sometimes such disasters cannot be ruled out. In any such type of accident during the whole tour, the company, group leader and the tour organizers will not be held responsible in any form.
9. In case of theft, lost or damage to personal belongings during the duration of the trip, organizers will not be held responsible in any case.
10. On adventure trek of this type, weather, local politics, transport or a multitude of other factors beyond the control of organizers can result in a change of itinerary. It is, however, very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered; if alterations are necessary the Leader and Guide will decide what is the best alternative, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group.


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