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  • Bird Watching Trip

    Birding tours, bird watching holidays and birding expeditions by Birdquest are the world’s finest.

  • Culture Study Tours

    Cultural studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the political dynamics of contemporary culture and its historical foundations.

  • Deosai Brown Bear Sighting Trip

    Deosai Brown Bear Sighting Trip

  • Horse Back Country Trip

    Explore the back country mountains and lakes on horseback. View our list of six incredible horseback pack trips, from the Dude Ranchers Association.

  • Indus Blind Dolphin

    The Indus river dolphin, also known as the bhulan in Urdu and Sindhi, is a species of toothed whale in the family Platanistidae.

  • Karakurum Hindukush Jeep Safari

    karakoram & Hindukush Jeep safari explore beautiful alpine lush green Kaghan valley, Astore, Hunza valley, Chitral, and Phander valley.

  • Mini Climbing Expedition

    Climbing is the activity of using one’s hands, feet, or any other part of the body to ascend a steep topographical object.

  • Snow Leopard Viewing Trip

    Snow Leopards live in the most remote and inaccessible parts of the great Himalayan and Karakoram ranges.

  • Trophy Hunting Trip

    Trophy hunting is hunting of wild animals as trophies, with the whole or parts of the hunted animal kept and usually displayed to represent the success of the hunter.

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