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  • Camel Safari In Cholistan Desert

    Cholistan is famous for its camel safaris.

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  • Hindukush/Karakorum Bike Safari

    Now we are going to introduce a mountain bike tours over the high passes of mountains which covers Hindu Kush Karakorum.

  • HKH Jeep Safari

    HKH Tours is leading registered destination management Agency of Pakistan.

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  • Indus Boat Safari

    This exciting trip is an excellent combination of soft adventure and culture.

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  • Kalash Hunza Jeep Safari

    The tour is a blend of culture, history and spectacular mountain scenery; it is an incredible jeep adventure, while at Kalash, Chitral Gilgit Skardu.

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  • Karakoram Traverse Safari

    The Great Karakoram Traverse is one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world. Winding beneath the world’s highest peaks.

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  • Karakurum Baltistan Jeep Safari

    This safari covers the three great ranges of mountains, Karakorum and western Himalaya. The valleys of Shangri-La, Hunza Skardu- Baltistan.

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  • Karakurum Hindukush Jeep Safari

    karakoram & Hindukush Jeep safari explore beautiful alpine lush green Kaghan valley, Astore, Hunza valley, Chitral, and Phander valley.

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  • Marco Polo Jeep Adventure

    Adventure and fun with 4×4 vehicles in the nature.

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